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Here is a series of our installations


First and foremost, our work is aimed at the well-being and safety of people.

Ms A. PontiApril 2022
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After suffering lightning damage in my home, I turned to EUTHALIA Srl, a company specialising in lightning and surge protection systems, to solve the problem. The technicians and sales department carried out the work with helpfulness, professionalism, and the utmost attention to my requirements.
Mrs. C. De Dionigi (VA)July 2021
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I installed an Ingelva system 10 years ago following serious damage to my home due to lightning and since then I have had no problems. Support has always been prompt and professional. I recommend it.
Astronomical Observatory of Campo CatinoApril 2021
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Following an in-depth inspection and on the basis of the documentation in our possession, an anti-impact lightning rod was put in place. About six months after its installation, we saw the positive results which resolved the above-mentioned problems, eliminating the risks, damage and various implications caused by lightning.
Icab 23 SrlNovember 2021
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It is confirmed that, after entrusting the installation of the protection system against lightning and overvoltages to Euthalia S.r.l. no damage has occurred on the building nor on the systems.
Clinica Polispecialistica Isber (VA)October 2021
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This is to inform you that you have entrusted the installation of the electrocution plant to Euthalia Srl. The service offered can be defined as punctual, precise and exhaustive. Very present and available at any time and for any doubts concerning the plant and its regulatory compliance. We also recommend Euthalia Srl for other companies.
Parrocchia Sacro Cuore di Gesù Luserna San GiovanniOctober 2021
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This is to confirm that I have entrusted the task of installing the lightning and surge protection system to Euthalia S.r.l. . We testify that, since the installation of the plant (2006), there have been no more damage from lightning neither on the bell tower, nor on the internal systems and not even on the buildings of the kindergarten and oratory of the Parish.
Superintendence for the environmental and architectural heritage of LazioNovember 2020
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The lightning rod system installed on the Roman monuments (Flaminio Obelisk) have, to date, not caused any inconvenience and, therefore, their function is currently considered valid.



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